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On Green Culture


O, Wonder! Studio is a creative agency based in Amsterdam. We provide services & expertise in Curating, Creating, Consulting & Producing in the fields of (Green) Art, Culture & Commerce.

Clients since 2017:

De Domijnen, Sittard
OFFPRINT Paris & London
Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam
Museum Volkenkunde Leiden
Let it Grow
Miracle Garden Amsterdam
De Kring Amsterdam
De Groene Afslag, 't Gooi

O, Wonder! collaboration with Thirza Schaap & Laura Broekhuysen

To raise awareness about the plastic soup in our oceans O, Wonder! and Dutch photographer Thirza Schaap present Plastic Ocean, an exhibition and special edition publication that showcases a selection of Thirza Schaap's most remarkable photographs. Schaap collects plastic waste from the shores of South Africa to create compositions that are characterised by their soft colors and unusual shapes.

Exclusively for the Plastic Ocean publication, Iceland based Dutch writer Laura Broekhuysen wrote a literary essay. Broekhuysen is known for her poetic language and previously wrote Winter-IJsland, which was nominated for the Bob den Uyl Prijs 2017.

The publication is available as pre-order for € 20,- (incl. VAT) in an edition of 300.
Release date: 15th of September 2018

Thirza Schaap also created an exclusive Plastic Ocean edition. Available as pre-order for € 100,- (incl. VAT) in an edition of 25. For 20 euro more, you will also receive the publication!
Available for pre-order now! For more info:

Limited Edition Print by Melanie Bonajo


Roman print
Size 17 x 24 cm
Limited edition of 50

Signed print + O, Wonder! #2
€ 100 incl. VAT (excl. shipping costs)

Exclusively for O, Wonder! #2 artist Melanie Bonajo presents a limited edition print of her work. Völkerschau reflects on the way people treat animals by drawing parallels between idea's of early colonialism, human zoo's and contemporary attitudes towards animals. It warns of a future in which animals no longer exist, and have permanently moves their existence into the sphere of symbols.

Available at

Online Distribution
Bruil & van de Staaij
T +31 522 261 303

and Ideabooks

Contributors O, Wonder! #2

ARITA BAAIJENS is an explorer, biologist and writer. Her bestseller books include A Rain of Eternal Fire, Desert Nomad and Looking for Paradise.

MEREL BEM writes about visual art, photography and fashion. In 2016 she published her book Doorkijken, about the role of visual art in everyday life, and Dit boek gaat niet over mode, on fashion.

ELLEN BOKKINGA works at the intersection of business, culture and city development. Her project New Verbalizing is an online collection of artistic and cultural practices on future, fiction and transformation.

MELANIE BONAJO uses her work to examine the paradoxes inherent in ideas of comfort, with a particular focus on the concepts of community, equality, and body politics. She was nominated for the Prix de Rome in 2017.

STACEY GRIFFIN is the founder of Shift Meditation. She creates immersive sound experiences for healing and meditation in unexpected spaces, from nightclubs to museums.

SIJI JABBAR is copywriter, Dutch-into-English translator and copy editor. He has a background in advertising and architecture and was the commissioning editor for This is Africa.

GIUSEPPE LICARI explores the socio-economic, cultural and political processes that intervene on, and alter the form of contemporary landscapes. His on-going project Fluid Matter investigates the interrelation between landscapes and communities.

LAURITZ MEIER ANDERSEN occupies himself with drawing as a visual exploration of following ones intuition and working with the materiality of paper. He is also a singer-songwriter dealing with the limits of human nature.

EVA MEIJER is a visual artist, philosopher, author and singer-songwriter. In 2016 she published her novel The Bird Cottage and non-fiction book Animal Languages. Meijer earned a doctorate from the University of Amsterdam with a thesis on non-human animal political voices.

MARLOE MENS studied Art History at the University of Amsterdam, focussing on the intersection of culture and nature. She is examines how non-human entities act biologically and are constructed culturally.

YASMINE OSTENDORF researches, curates, teaches, connects, facilitates and writes about art, design and culture that positively contribute to society. She is the founder of the Green Art Lab Alliance and head of the Jac. P.Thijsse Lab at the Van Eyck Academy.

LI AN PHOA is a whole systems ecologist, philosopher and entrepreneur. Her current project Drinkable Rivers engages local people to explore how to care for drinkable rivers as simple indicators for healthy ways of living.

ELIZABETH PLOKKER is founder and co-owner of The Conscious Club in Amsterdam. Located in the first climate-neutral canal house in Amsterdam, The Conscious Club responds to a rise in global consciousness that is calling out for a more spiritual and sustainable lifestyle.

MERLE SMEETS studied Cultural Studies and was curator in training at the Kröller-Müller Museum, where she focused on the relationship between art and nature. Her research now also includes geopolitics and the role of technology on our connection to nature.

MARIKEN STRAAT is fundraiser, translator and producer. She is project manager of Bee Heroes, a perennial ecology project at Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen that focuses on themes such as biodiversity and agricultural policies.

WOUTER VANSTEELANT was co-founder of Batumi Raptor Count, a project dedicated to the research and protection of one million birds of prey during their migration along the Black Sea’s eastern coast. Wouter gained his doctorate at the University of Amsterdam, is co-founder of the Migrant Landbird Study Group, and editorial member of IBIS and Natuur.Oriolus.

PIEKE WERNER studied Image and Language at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. She published fiction and reflections on art in De Gids and Mister Motley among others.

JOANNA VAN DER ZANDEN works as an independent curator and initiator of socially engaged arts and design projects. As initiator of the Repair Manifesto, recurring themes in her work are repair waste and happiness.

Tom van de Beek, Merel Bem, Teresa Borasino, Laurie Cluitmans, Ama van Dantzig, Klaas van Egmond, Jasper Griepink, Kim Knoppers, Yasmine Ostendorf, Pinar & Viola, Pierre Rabhi, Mette Te Velde, Rieke Vos, Maria Walnut, Pieke Werner, Yeb Wiersma.

O, Wonder! Magazine on Green Culture

The world we inhabit tomorrow is ours to envision today. O, Wonder! is founded on the conviction that humankind is endowed with the creativity and imagination to conceive the most wonderful things. It offers a platform for alternative ideas by creative thinkers and practitioners engaged in using art and culture to raise awareness about the relationship between man and nature. In so doing, O, Wonder! is helping to build a community of revolutionaries, idealists, freethinkers and radical innovators committed to our transition to a sustainable life.

“The ecological crisis is a political, cultural and social one, calling for an eco-sophy as well as an eco-art, as a political, social and cultural revolution able to reorient the objectives of production, the forms of organization, the ways of being together”.
-Felix Guattari (1930–1992)

Colette Olof, by Tara Fallaux

Colette Olof is the founding editor of O, Wonder! She worked for many years in the fields of photography and contemporary art, engaged by, among others, FOAM (Amsterdam) and the Fondation van Gogh (Arles). She is now an independent curator of green culture, and employs O, Wonder! as a meeting ground for people with an interest in sustainable ideas, both online and in the physical world.

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    O, Wonder! #2

    WITH CONTRIBUTIONS BY A.O. Merel Bem, Melanie Bonajo, Ellen Bokkinga, Yasmine Ostendorf, Giuseppe Licari, Eva Meijer, Elizabeth Plokker, Merle Smeets, Mariken Straat, Wouter Vansteelandt, Pieke Werner, Joanna van der Zanden
    You can also order by sending an email to
    (10 euros, + shipping costs Europe)

    English, 72 p. EUR 12,50
    O, Wonder! #1

    WITH CONTRIBUTIONS BY A.O. Derk Alberts, Tom van Beek, Merel Bem, Teresa Borasino, Laurie Cluitmans, Klaas van Egmond, Jasper Griepink, Kim Knoppers, Mette Te Velde, Rieke Vos, Pieke Werner en Yeb Wiersma.

    Dutch, 72 p. EUR 10,50
    Plastic Ocean & Baken


    To raise awareness about the plastic soup in our oceans O, Wonder! and Dutch photographer Thirza Schaap present Plastic Ocean, an exhibition and special edition publication that showcases a selection of Thirza Schaap's most remarkable photographs. Exclusively for the Plastic Ocean publication, Iceland based Dutch writer Laura Broekhuysen wrote a literary essay.

    Dutch, 32 p. EUR 20,—
    Plastic Ocean print "Ubuntu" + publication

    The print "Ubuntu" (2018) by Thirza Schaap is available as pre-order (size of image A4) and will be presented at the official opening of the exhibition at Christie's Amsterdam.

    Limited edition of 25 prints, EUR 100,—
    print "Völkerschau", melanie bonajo

    Exclusively for O, Wonder! artist Melanie Bonajo presents a special print of her work in limited edition. "Völkerschau" is printed on Roman print paper, size 17 x 24 cm.

    Limited edition of 50 prints, EUR 100,—